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Transformologie is the leading specialist clinic in Los Angeles for non-surgical cellulite and fat reduction. Using the latest Endermologie technology, we are the pioneers in providing the fastest and most effective results for body contouring.


What is Endermologie?

Endermologie is the first FDA approved treatment for cellulite, smoothing the appearance of the skin by lifting and toning.


  • Instant results visible from the first treatment

  • Lose inches in body circumference

  • Ultimate body contouring technology

  • No down time and pain free

Advanced Technology

Endermologie is the latest non-surgical body and face lift from Europe.


Increasing the lymphatic flow, it speeds up the elimination of toxins to repair and prevent the signs of ageing. Endermologie improves overall health and wellness, promotes healing whilst it combats fatty areas, transforming the skin to give you a toned firm body contour.

Real Visible Results

After 1 session - Skin will look more youthful and tighter in appearance.


After 5 sessions - New collagen is stimulated, cellulite is reduced and a toned look will be achieved, attacking the areas that diet and gym cannot fix.


After 10 sessions - The skin is lifted, body measurements are decreased, Cellulite and fatty deposits are now minimal and replaced with a tight, firm, lifted, rejuvenated and younger appearance.





1 x SESSION - $75.00 SPECIAL!!


3 x SESSIONS - $299


5 x SESSIONS - $399




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